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14/05/2014 | Comments (6) |

  Bad resultat in the Bell’s beach event but still got some fun waves with friends. This little clip featuring John John Florence edited & filmed by Dane Burnheim ! JF    

03/05/2014 | Comments (8) |

      Hey i’ve been back in France in the last 10 days, a place i could call home, Capbreton. I had a really busy time here but some very good points and new training i’ve been learning. The weather has been very stormy … (…)

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30/04/2014 | Comments (12) |

    Hey after the Quiksilver pro i spent a week end down south away from the crowd testing new boards. Found some cool spots, good energy. Little clip filmed and edited by my brother Dane Burnheim. Check it out …   Apres le Quiksilver … (…)

03/04/2014 | Comments (3) |

  Hey i haven’t had much internet lately so i haven’t posted much. I’m in West Oz for the second world tour event of the year. I already had my first heat yesterday, i ended up not getting the best waves, i made a few … (…)

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20/03/2014 | Comments (5) |

  Hey my mate Dane Burnheim edited this little clip filmed by Andrew Oliver. This was a few month ago playing around with Mr Slater’s board in Portugal. Small waves but thought i would share it. Check it out   Mon pote Dane Burnheim a … (…)

05/03/2014 | Comments (7) |

  Hey the event is still on hold, the waves have been so good but unfortunately we won’t surf yet. My first heat went ok, the waves were a bit hard cause of the high tide but i managed to get a few scores to … (…)

17/02/2014 | Comments (10) |

  The Hurley Australian open just finished yesterday. It was my first contact of the year, the waves were a bit hard but the place is cool, i kind of grew up in Newport which is not far from there so i have a lot … (…)

04/02/2014 | Comments (4) |

  Hey i’ve been around the pacific in the last month or so, mostly around Tahiti and the other islands. I have been kind of disconnected surfing fun waves with no one around with friends. I have been doing some training also around Teahupoo hanging … (…)

09/01/2014 | Comments (6) |

  I would like to wish a happy new year to everyone around the world, a bit late but it’s still fresh… Lots of love, health and happiness !!! I spent the new year in Newport (Sydney) with my mates that i haven’t seen in … (…)

26/12/2013 | Comments (6) |

  Merry Christmas to everybody around the world ! The 2013 world tour season is finish for me, i’m pretty happy about the last few events but it’s still a very dark year for me, the worst i’ve had since i’m on tour but i’ve … (…)