Nice day surfing with Claudy Robin in Hawaii !
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Hey yesterday, i was lucky enough to surf with Claudy Robin, he is a blind surfer from France. He came here in Hawaii with his friends and the team See Surf to surf and experiment the powerful waves of the pacific.

The waves were challenging but he charged and gave it a good shot. He will be trying to surf everyday. Big respect to him. Thanks for an amazing vibe and a lesson of life !



Hier j’ai eu la chance de partager une session avec Claudy Robin, surfeur non-voyant venu depuis la France avec ses potes, le team See Surf. Il y avait des vagues de plus d’1m50 voir 2 mètres. Super expérience dans des conditions très puissante a quelques mètres de Pipeline. J’ai beaucoup de respect pour ce qu’il fait et j’espère partager plus de sessions dans les prochains jours ! Merci pour cette journée et cette leçon de vie !


Thanks Stephane Sisco for the edit and the photos….Merci !




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  Bad resultat in the Bell’s beach event but still got some fun waves with friends. This little clip featuring John John Florence edited & filmed by Dane Burnheim ! JF    

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      Hey i’ve been back in France in the last 10 days, a place i could call home, Capbreton. I had a really busy time here but some very good points and new training i’ve been learning. The weather has been very stormy … (…)