Check my boardriders week video !
20/07/2011 | Comments (6) |

Hey Check out this video of the few days i spent with all of them surfing,teaching and of course having so much fun, it looks pretty cool on video but was much better seeing their smile and faces when they caught there first wave ever or when they did their first turn. Great times and looking for doing it again soon !

Voici la petite video de la semaine que j’ai passe avec les jeunes stagiaires a la maison boardriders week, quelques images sympa entrain de surfer avec eux et partager des super moments. C’était trop bon de pouvoir passer ces moments avec eux, ils sont tous top,trop cool…J’au vraiment passe une super semaines !



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14/05/2014 | Comments (6)

  Bad resultat in the Bell’s beach event but still got some fun waves with friends. This little clip featuring John John Florence edited & filmed by Dane Burnheim ! JF    

03/05/2014 | Comments (8)

      Hey i’ve been back in France in the last 10 days, a place i could call home, Capbreton. I had a really busy time here but some very good points and new training i’ve been learning. The weather has been very stormy … (…)